Professional Service

Our Professional Team of Service Technicians are here to serve your propane needs. With over 100 years of combined experience. Our Service Technicians specialize in new propane tank installations, leak safety checks and propane conversions for home appliances. You can depend on our Service Team to get the job done. 

Professional Services we provide:
Residential Propane supply; lease or customer owned tanks
Propane Tank Installation
Propane System Lean and Pressure Testing
Large Volume Commercial Propane Supply
Large Volume Propane Transport
We sell, install and service vent-less wall heaters
100# Bottle Exchange and Delivery (not at all locations)
Cook Stove Conversions

Delivery Service

Automatic, Hassle-Free Propane Delivery for your Home or Business 

- Chilton Oil Company can estimate your tank level and automatically schedule your propane delivery.
- We can forecast your demand based on weather and appliances, ensuring you won't run out of gas.
- No need to check your tank gauge or call for a propane refill, we've got you covered!
- Help us keep our prices low by enrolling in Automatic Delivery.

Will-Call to request a Propane Delivery 

- You monitor your propane usage and contact us when your tank is at 30% to schedule your propane delivery.
- Typical delivery windows are 7-10 days for will-call customers.

Looking for a New Propane Supplier?
It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

 1 - Become a Customer
2 - Installation of Tank
 3 - Delivery of Propane

At Chilton Oil we provide quality products, reliable
service and great pricing for all your propane needs.
When you're ready to switch, give us a call.

Propane Pricing 

     Every day Great Pricing
          - Home Owned Tank
          - Leased Tank
     Cash on Delivery
     Budget Billing
     Pre-buy Purchase
          - Winter Propane at a great low price
          - Available for purchase July 1st- September 30th 
          - Delivery October 1st - March 31st
     Pre-buy Installment Plan
          - Purchase Pre-buy and divide it into equal monthly payments
          - Pre-buy installments must be paid for by October 1st
     Pay Ahead
          - Start paying now for next years Propane